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Three Things Overlooked for Snowmageddon Early Order

12/27/2019 9:20:00 AM

If you are thinking of pulling the pre-order trigger on a 2021 Arctic Cat and do it before January 31, 2019, you have an opportunity for some exclusive offers. CLICK to read more

Pre-Order and Get Access to exclusive Snowmageddon Offers

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from!

12/24/2019 10:46:00 AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Enjoy some random Arctic Cat Christmas-themed marketing materials. CLICK to read more

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First Ride of the Year

12/20/2019 8:36:00 AM

There's something special about the first ride of the year for a snowmobiler...CLICK to read more

First Ride of the Year

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A Photo Look at Christian Brothers Racing in Fargo

12/18/2019 10:09:00 AM

When it comes to photos, former Team Arctic racer, Lissa Marsolek, knows how to capture an image. Enjoy a look through her lens showcasing Christian Brothers Racing at the Fargo Snocross National...CLICK to read more

#43 Pro Logan Christian

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An Arctic Front Sweeps Through Minnesota and Rookies Excite Across the Border

12/17/2019 6:07:00 AM

In June, Team Arctic posted to social media they were going to be racing this winter and would continue their winning ways. CLICK to read more...

Andy Pake

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Zach Herfindahl Discusses Factory Arctic Cat Cross Country Team

12/11/2019 5:59:00 PM

In our minds, the majority of us think we could keep up to Zach Herfindahl on a snowmobile, but if we’re honest, the only way most of us can follow him...CLICK to Read More

#312 Zach Herfindahl

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12/5/2019 3:35:00 PM

Both Christian Brothers Racing (CBR) pro teams departed the Duluth national snocross opener with a perfect record, a pile of cool photos and a couple truckloads of snow. CLICK to read more...

#43 Pro Logan Christian

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Early Snow - Traverse Your Trails with Caution

12/4/2019 8:01:00 AM

I saw these photos posted from a local snowmobile club in Minnesota, the Rum River Sno Riders, and they served as a visual reminder...CLICK to read more.

Rum River Sno Riders

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11/27/2019 11:06:00 AM

Christian Brothers Racing (CBR) charges into the national snocross season with two teams representing two different Pro classes...CLICK to read more.

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Mike Kloety Talks Team Arctic 2019/2020

11/21/2019 3:32:00 PM

Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager, is no stranger to the pages of ArcticInsider. We catch up with him about this season's snowmobile race program...CLICK to read more.

Team Arctic Race Manager Mike Kloety

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Arctic Cat Announces Model Year 2021 Snowmobile Lineup

11/19/2019 9:31:00 AM

In my opinion, Arctic Cat® announced today one of their most exciting model year lineups to date...CLICK to read more on the second wave 2021 introduction...

2021 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Headlined by new BLAST

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2021 Snowmobiles Launch Tomorrow!

11/18/2019 8:57:00 AM

2021 LAUNCH REMINDER: Visit us here tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19, at 2 p.m. CT / 3 p.m. ET...CLICK to read more.


Instigator - What 2021 is it?

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6 Thoughts Surrounding Arctic Cat Not Showing Up

11/5/2019 9:19:00 AM

AC at the 2019 Toronto Show

“How come no Arctic Cat display at XYZ Snowmobile Show I attended this weekend?” Click to Read my 6 Thoughts...

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The Movie "It Ain't Easy" Remembered in Thief River Falls

11/4/2019 11:36:00 AM

It Aint Easy

He came to Minnesota looking for peace and found something else. The movie, "It Ain't Easy" was remembered by Pioneer 90.1 on it's 47th Anniversary in Thief River Falls. Click to Read More.

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Happy Halloween from!!

10/30/2019 9:28:00 PM

It's Halloween AND Throwback Thursday!  Bonus! Here's a Waiting for Winter poster to enjoy. Click to Read More...

2003 Waiting for Winter Poster

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Friday's Snowmobile Quote Without A Story

10/24/2019 4:09:00 PM


Stevie Wonder (L) Elton John (R)

Elton John did WHAT to Stevie Wonder? Click to read more...

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Snowmageddon Arrives Early and New Cat Models Announced

10/18/2019 10:02:00 AM

Calling All Trouble Makers

Today is a whole new ballgame for Arctic Cat, their dealers, us as consumers, and quite frankly, the way an OEM is conducting business in the snowmobile industry!

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ArcticInsider is Officially Back!

10/13/2019 8:28:00 PM

Beginning now, ArcticInsider is officially back! Yep, after six months of having gone fishin’, this hangout will once again serve up news, insight and inside views on the world of Arctic Cat, albeit with a twist...

John and Kale Moab

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Make ArcticInsider Great Again!

10/2/2019 3:04:00 PM

Make ArcticInsider Great Again October 14th!

New news coming October 14th, 2019!

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Go-Karts, Laughter and Friends: April 27 Hunter Houle Memorial Fundraiser

3/24/2019 9:16:00 PM

3rd Annual Hunter Houle Foundation Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27.

And join me and a few hundred AWESOME people  in Elk River, Minn., for the 3rd Annual Hunter Houle Memorial Fundraiser.

There will be indoor go-kart racing for every age and ability; a fantastic banquet at ERX motorpark, and all KINDS of incredible silent and live auction items.

Most importantly, there will be great joy, laughter, maybe a couple tears, hugs, introductions, old friends, new friends and pure fun.

All in the name of a wonderful young man whose life was cut short during an accident on his snowmobile in January of 2017.

Last year this event raised more than $50,000! Which made it possible for the Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation to donate big money to a children's hospital, the snocross mobile medic team, a homeless shelter for youth, a food program for kids, the Make-A-Wish foundation, and more.

Click for more info.

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