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When Dad's Away, The Kids Will Play

11/2/2018 1:16:00 PM

Frank couldn't figure out why, after he left the kids home alone for the weekend, the garage smelled like burning rubber and the track lugs on his Thundercat were ground to shreds...

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Remembered: 1991 Halloween Blizzard

10/31/2018 3:46:00 PM

1991 Halloween Blizzard

Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back 27 years ago on Halloween, Mother Natured delivered one of the all-time great weather events for a large swath of the Midwest. Dubbed the Halloween Blizzard (10 inches of snow fell that night), it was a trick-and-treat of epic proportions, with upwards of 30-40 inches of snow that eventually blanketed parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

It paralyzed cities and caused hardship for some. But it gave snowmobilers the greatest candy of any Halloween ever.

For two days friends and I snowmobiled all over the Twin Cities. On freeways, highways and throughout neighborhoods where snowmobiling wasn't legal. It was incredible.

This happened in the days before decent storm prediction, and the weather people completely missed this one until it was already happening. Thus nobody was ready for it, myself included. It was a gift for winter lovers, and a scary-as-hell fright for everyone else.

Nothing like that predicted for tonight, however I'm hearing reports of snow up north this coming weekend.

Winter's coming, happy Halloween!

Now click to see some pix of the great blizzard.

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Two Days in TRF: What I Saw at Arctic Cat Last Week

10/25/2018 3:11:00 PM

New Arctic Cat snowmobiles & Textron Off Road side-by-sides.

Autumn was in full swing during my 2-day trip to Arctic Cat and Textron Off Road in Thief River Falls last week.

New snowmobiles, new dirt toys and familiar faces make trips like this my favorite days of the year.

Click to jump into this brief factory tour with me.

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2019 Cat's Pride Club Kit: Join the One and Only Club

10/22/2018 12:21:00 PM

2019 Cat's Pride Club Kit from Arctic Cat

It's been 40 glorious years since Arctic Cat launched Cat's Pride club. Tens of thousands of Arctic Cat fans can count themselves as members during those four decades, participating in various events and contests, reading the former Cat's Pride magazine and proudfully wearing clothing emblazoned with the club's name.

While the club and its offerings have evolved since 1978, Cat’s Pride Club remains the longest operating brand snowmobile club in the world, with members across the globe.

Celebrate the history and join (or renew) the famed club with the 2019 edition Cat’s Pride Club Member Kit.

The 2019 edition kit features pre-shrunk flannel shirt with the embroidered Cats Pride Club logo; a premium collector’s hat; and membership pin. These items are designed exclusively for members and not available anywhere else. Buying the kit makes you a member as well as renews a previous membership.

Click HERE to become a member and enjoy free shipping with each kit. Join today for $49.99 U.S./$66.99 Canada.

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Houle Pilots Speedwerx Wildcat XX to Short Course Victory

10/22/2018 9:20:00 AM

Jeremy Houle wins Lucas Off Road on Speedwerx Wildcat XX.

Jeremy Houle sent a powerful message to the high performance off-road this past weekend, taking first place at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series short course race in Chandler, Ariz., aboard his Speedwerx-prepped Wildcat XX.

Houle qualified first overall with his XX and drew position six for the main event. Off the start, quickly moved into third place while going into the first corner and then made a pass for second where he settled in for most of the race. With two laps to go, Houle passed the leader and held the field off to take the checkered flag.
It marked the first win for both Houle and Textron Off Road Racing in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, as well as the second podium for both this season.

Congratulations to Houle, Speedwerx and TOR Racing on the big win (we’re looking forward to more for next season)!

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Prowler Pro Ranch: The 65-Second Hero Edit

10/16/2018 1:47:00 PM

See what makes the premium Ranch Edition Prowler, ranchy, in this 65-second hero edit.

For the record: EPS, 14-inch machined aluminum wheels with 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires, a premium cut and sewn bench seat, LED accented halogen headlights, a hard top, 4,500-lb. WARN winch, front brush guard,rear bumper and a very cool Atomic Copper color treatment.

And as I will forever say about any Prowler Pro model, a test ride (or listen) is a must because it's the ultra-quiet and smooth manner that sets them apart from other utility side-by-sides.

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They're Making Tracks in TRF

10/11/2018 11:05:00 AM

Arctic Cat engineers snowmobiling in TRF on Oct. 11, 2018.

Blessed with a few inches of fresh snow and a projected high of just 31 degrees, Arctic Cat engineers got an early jump on winter today by laying down some tracks in the ditch outside of the factory.

Piloting just-built 2019 ZR 8000s, Jeff Olson and Wes Selby are spending the day breaking-in some of their test units, gettiing the sleds through Stage One of the procedure (wonderfully ironic in light of yesterday's post) so they're ready for bigger days ahead.

Snowmobile tracks in fresh snow in TRF on Oct. 11...just like that, everything's right in the world!

Thanks to Joey Hallstrom for the sweet pix! Click to see a few more.

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Snow Covers Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls

10/10/2018 2:40:00 PM

Arctic Cat snow day. October 10, 2018

A fresh coat of snow blanketed Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls today, bringing smiles to everyone there who loves winter.

No, it's not going to last. And yes, warmer days are ahead.

But it's a beautiful reminder that winter is bearing down upon us.

(Thanks to Rhob for the photo.)

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Explained: C-TEC2 Automatic Engine Break-In

10/10/2018 10:25:00 AM

Arctic Cat engineers comparing snowmobile top-speed and acceleration.

Buy a brand-new Arctic Cat 6000 or 8000 Series snowmobile and on it’s first ride you want to see how much wood is in the fire, right? So you slam the throttle to the handlebar the first chance you get, right?

Right. Which is why you’ll be rewarded with decidedly tame acceleration and top speed. In fact, your buddy on the 3-year-old 600 will blow right past you.

Arctic Cat engineers definitely understand our desire to pin the throttle to the bars. Consequently they programmed all C-TEC2 engines with an automated Break-In Function to protect us (and the engine) from such tendencies, and to ensure the best possible performance and durability for the engine’s lifetime.

Click to read exactly what this Break-In Function entails.

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Old Style Racing: That's they Way They Did it in 1983

10/5/2018 8:41:00 AM

You deserve snowmobile racing and Old Style Beer.

"After racing, nothing goes down as smooth and easy as Old Style Beer. Whether you're racing or a spectator, take a case along to your next race."

That was the message hitting readers of Snow Week magazine waaaaaaaaay back in 1983.

I suspect there are some people who take great offense to these ads. Such as those who drank/drink Busch Light, Zima and Bud Dry.

One thing's for sure: Snowmobilers do it with style.

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World's Greatest Clothing Item: (Arctic Cat) T-Shirts

10/5/2018 8:24:00 AM

Arctic Cat t-shirt. Coolest piece of clothing. Ever.

Serious question: Is there any piece of clothing GREATER than a T-Shirt?

I can't think of one. But I can thing of some T's that are greater than others.

These are some of the Pulitzer and Nobel prize-winning options available from Arctic Cat.

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Product Spotlight: Black Cats Bumper & Boards

10/5/2018 7:59:00 AM

Black Cats Running Boards and Rear Bumper from Arctic Cat

Engineered, tested and proven by the Black Cats team, the new BC Rear Bumper and BC Running Boards are some sweet custom options for many Arctic Cat sleds.

Check 'em out.

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How They're Made: Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

10/2/2018 8:11:00 AM

A SUPER cool video that shows the highlights of how Arctic Cat snowmobiles are produced, including the St. Cloud Engine Facility and final assembly in Thief River Falls, Minn.

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New Ranch Edition Model Joins 2019 Prowler Pro Line-Up

10/1/2018 12:27:00 PM

2019 Prowler Pro models from Textron Off Road

In addition to the new Prowler Pro Crew models, Textron Off Road today announced the addition of a Ranch Edition model to the Prowler Pro line-up for 2019. It's the machine on the right in the above image, and it gets EPS, 14-inch machined aluminum wheels with 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires, a premium cut and sewn bench seat, LED accented halogen headlights, a hard top, 4,500-lb. WARN winch, front brush guard and rear bumper. It comes in Atomic Copper.

In the four months since TOR officially unveiled the 2019 Prowler Pro models, they've quietly and smoothly become instant favorites.

Click HERE to read my review of the machines.

Then make the jump to read the latest news on the full line for 2019.

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2-Row Crew! New 6-Passenger 2019 Prowler Pro Crew Models

10/1/2018 12:27:00 PM

2019 Prowler Pro Crew from Textron Off Road

New 2-row, 6-passenger Crew models join the Prowler Pro line-up for 2019, bringing added versatility to a family that started a quiet revolution.

Click for the details on the newest models from Textron Off Road.

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ALPHA Walks on Water

10/1/2018 7:16:00 AM

When you get the hottest sled in the world and can't wait for snow...

One thing is for sure: the new Arctic Cat M 8000 ALPHA ONE walks on water.

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Legends Gather (Four Years Later): Team Arctic Sno Pro Reunion 2.0

9/27/2018 1:33:00 PM

Team Arctic Sno Pro reunion 2.0. Photo by Jim Dimmerman.

Four years ago the core of Team Arctic's legendary Sno Pro team reuinited for the first time in more than three decades.

Larry Coltom, Dave Thompson, Bob Elsner, Jim Dimmerman, Roger Skime, Bill Ness and Bill Decker gathered, told stories and relived a part of their lives that was as magical as it was magnificent. 

Well, they did it again a few weeks ago...this time in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

And once again Dimmerman takes us there and shares the story with us.

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Arctic Cat Reflects on Tucker Hibbert's Legendary Career

9/26/2018 8:52:00 AM

Tucker Hibbert and Roger Skime, circa 2002. Photo by

Tucker Hibbert's career on the racetrack and with Arctic Cat is the stuff of legend. On the heels of his announcement to retire from professional snocross racing, several people Arctic Cat offered their reflections on his historic career.

Click to read about it (as well as the announcement that Tucker will be at the New Hampshire grass drags next weekend).

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Team Arctic is the Stock Answer at 2018 Hay Days Grass Drags

9/26/2018 8:41:00 AM

Team Arctic drag racers conquered 2018 Hay Days grassfest.

Team Arctic drag racers kicked some bootie at Hay Days earlier this month, winning 10 classes including three of four Stock classes.

Click to see what Cat has to say about it, along with the 33 podium finishers.

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So Rad! Destination Elevation: Backcountry Backyards

9/25/2018 1:33:00 PM

So Rad! If you aren't already feeling it, the second edition of Destination Elevation (Backcountry Backyards with the Black Cats) will switch your head into snowmobiling.

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