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Time Flies: Drifting Into Autumn

9/3/2015 7:32:00 AM

2016 Arctic Cat Wildcat X drifting and roosting.

It's Labor Day weekend here in the States, which marks the unofficial beginning of autumn. Man, does time drift by quickly!

To celebrate, here are a few sweet shots of 2016 Cats doing their own bit of drifting.


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Princeton 2020 Cancelled

8/31/2015 4:56:00 PM

Arctic Cat and other vintage snowmobile stuff at 2015 Princeton Swap. Photo by

Princeton 2020 has been cancelled. Here's a look back at the 2015 event from John Sandberg.

Nothing signals the end of summer and the beginning of autumn quite like a snowmobile swap meet.

For me and several thousand others, the annual Swap/Outlaw Drags in Princeton, Minn., served up all the great reminders that our favorite season is only a few months away.

Click to see some pictures of this year's event.

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New from Arctic Cat ATV & UTV for 2016

8/23/2015 9:57:00 AM

New for Arctic Cat ATV and ROV for 2016.

Moments ago, Arctic Cat unveiled its first wave of 2016 ATV and ROV/side-by-side models at its annual dealer show.

There are seven all-new Special Edition models, powered-up Wildcat Sport models and full line of SPEED High-Performance Accessories co-developed by Robby Gordon.

Click for the highlights and some pictures.

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TGIF: The Aug. 21, 2015 Edition

8/21/2015 4:37:00 PM

TGIF: The snowboard and snowmobile in the street edition.

I'm thankful that this week, Ma Nature gave us the first cool temps of the summer.

I'm thankful the cool temps reminded me of the snowmobile and snowboard adventures from last season, just goin' fer a rip* around town with my bud.

I'm thankful for it all, and especially for another great Friday...this one in Aug. of 2015.


* Warning: strong language

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Product Spotlight: Aircat Electric Goggles from Arctic Cat

8/21/2015 4:28:00 PM

Aircat Electric Goggles from Arctic Cat.

The two best ways to eliminate fogging while snowmobiling? Wearing goggles or an electric shield.

Now you can do both.

Click for a clear look at what promised to be a pretty sweet product.

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Product Spotlight: 12-in. Turbo Wheels for Arctic Cat ATV and ROVs

8/21/2015 4:19:00 PM

12-in. Turbo Wheels from Arctic Cat.

Whether it's your for your truck, ATV, ROV or your toddler's bicycle, it's tough to deny the aesthetic impact of a nice set of wheels.

These 12-in. Aluminum Turbo wheels will do wonders for Arctic Cat ATVs and side-by-sides. They might even work on your kid's BMX bike.

Click for more info.

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Product Spotlight: Aluminum Wildcat Bumpers

8/21/2015 4:12:00 PM

Aluminum front bumper for Arctic Cat Wildcat.

The front and back of Arctic Cat Wildcats are practically begging for bumpers.

Good thing that Arctic Cat has many styles to choose from, including these new aluminum options.

Click to bash into them.

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Grandma's Wildcat: The Story of Alex Fortune's Custom Arctic Cat Wildcat

8/20/2015 8:33:00 AM

Alex Fortune's custom Arctic Cat Wildcat for 2015. Photo by Iflyphotography.

Alex Fortune is a Team Arctic racer, snowmobiler and fantastic builder of custom sleds/Wildcats.

His original plan for racing a Wildcat this summer took on a new, deeper meaning after his grandma died from Cancer last February.

Here's the story and a description of this awesome Wildcat, as told by Alex:

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Product Spotlight: Windscreen Selection for Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

8/19/2015 8:35:00 AM

Arctic Cat snowmobile windscreen / windshield styles.

Windscreens/windshields are like swimwear, ranging from the ultra-skimpy bikini style (meant only to be looked at), to the full-on dry-suit (all function, zero fashion).

While I personally enjoy seeing SOME people wear a bikini, you'll never find me wearing one (or a Speedo). Especially when I'm surfing a wave in Australia or diving to check lobster traps in New England.

Which is why Arctic Cat offers an absolutely full-range of windscreen sizes and style for all recent model snowmobiles.

Click for more info.

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2016 Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductees

8/14/2015 3:00:00 PM

2016 SHOF Inductees

The Snowmobile Hall of Fame (SHOF) in St. Germain, Wis., just announced their inductees for 2016, and it's a bumper crop of legends:

Hubert Fixsen, Steve Houle, Brad Pake and Tom Zernia

Click to read a few details about these guys and about attending the 2016 SHOF Ride With The Champs and Induction Ceremony.

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SandBlast: Test Riding Arctic Cat Wildcats at 2015 Dunefest

8/13/2015 2:58:00 PM

Arctic Cat was at the recent Dunefest in Winchester Bay, OR, where it offered demo rides on a fleet of Wildcats.

Hear what some of the riders had to say.

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Arctic Cat & Kraig Kinser Knoxville-Helmet Sweepstakes

8/12/2015 3:05:00 PM

Kraig Kinser and Arctic Cat Helmet Sweepstakes for Knoxville 2015

Kraig Kinser and Arctic Cat Helmet Sweepstakes for Knoxville 2015

Want to win Kraig Kinser's special Arctic Cat helmet?

Then click for info on the just-announced Sweepstakes in conjunction with the Knoxville Nationals.

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Name the Racer (Circa 1994) Contest

8/11/2015 12:15:00 PM

Team Arctic Mystery Men of 1994. Posted by

Okay all you Team Arctic trivia experts, it's time to get your groove on.

The first person to correctly identify these Team Arctic racers from 1994 wins a fabulous prize.

Click to test your knowledge.

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Product Spotlight: Wildcat Flip-Up Windshield from Arctic Cat

8/11/2015 9:15:00 AM

Flip-Up Windshield for Arctic Cat Wildcat models.

Want to eliminate the blast of wind on your face during your next Wildcat ride?

Then flip-out over the new Flip-Up Windshield from Arctic Cat.

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Arctic Cat to Partner with Robby Gordon and SPEED RMG

8/6/2015 7:41:00 AM

Arctic Cat partners with Robby Gordon and Todd Romano, SPEED RMG.

Arctic Cat announced this morning that it has enterd an exclusive, five-year product development and marketing agreement with famed off-road racer Robby Gordon and SPEED RMG.

Click for some dust, glory and additional info.

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Product Spotlight: FOX QS3-R Shocks from Arctic Cat

8/4/2015 11:04:00 AM

FOX QS3-R Shocks for Arctic Cat snowmobiles. Posted by

The same FOX QS3-R 3-position ski shock adjustability that had me swooning over the 2016 Arctic Cat Limited models is available for most 2012-and-newer ProCross and ProClimb snowmobiles.

Get your Quick-Switch groove going by making the jump to learn more.

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Flashback to Jan. 1976: Bob Elsner wins Kalamazoo Kup for Team Arctic

7/31/2015 7:42:00 AM

Bob Elsner wins 1976 Kalamazoo Kut for Team Arctic. From SHOF Archives.

Flashback: January 10-11, 1976.

The prestigious Kalamazoo Kup at Imlay City, Mich., as Team Arctic Sno Pro racers put on a veritable clinic.

Click to read the highlights.

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Q&A with Brent "Bart" Magner, Arctic Cat Snowmobile Drive Engineer

7/27/2015 1:05:00 PM

Arctic Cat snowmobile engineer Bart Magner. Photo by

Arctic Cat has most talented and experienced engineers in the entire snowmobile industry. One such engineer is Brent “Bart” Magner, whose role is to calibrate the clutching and gearing on all Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

If you’ve owned an Arctic Cat snowmobile in the past 25 years, there’s a 99% likelihood that Magner was one of the guys responsible for the clutch calibration.

Click to read about his job, the new TEAM clutches, racing with Larry Coltom and a bunch of other interesting stories.

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TGIF: The July 24, 2015 Edition

7/24/2015 12:32:00 PM

TGIF: Chrysler Sno Runner Gang at

I'm thankful the ArcticInsiders can ditch-bang their Chrysler Sno Runners faster, higher and farther than the SledNecks.

I'm thankful we have our motorcycle license endorsments, and that we obey all traffic signals and use hand signals whenever possible.

I'm thankful that, if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

And I'm thankful it's Friday, July 24, 2015.

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Arctic Cat Demo Rides & Display at Dunefest 2015

7/22/2015 11:53:00 AM

Arctic Cat at Dunefest July 29-Aug. 2, 2015

Participants at the upcoming Dunefest can test-ride Arctic Cat Wildcats, see the factory display and enter to win some sweet prizes.

It's all happening July 29 - Aug. 2 in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

Click for the details.

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