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Team Arctic Rules Red Lake XC

2/24/2011 7:08:00 AM

DJ Ekre swept the second race at Red Lake, photo by SledRacer

Team Arctic has been winning the lion's share of the USCC cross-country races this season.

The double-header in Red Lake was no different.

Click to read the Team Arctic press release.




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Arctic Cat's 2012 Snowmobile Tech Video

2/23/2011 11:33:00 AM

Ski-Doo released a new video about their 2012 rear suspension (interesting, but terrible voice "talent").

Polaris released a vid about their three new-for-'12 sleds (lots of sizzle, not much steak).

After taking a beating on this site for NOT releasing more info on their 2012 machines, I needed to post this video detailing some important technology for their 50th Anniversary Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

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Hibbert Starting to Focus on Finland

2/23/2011 10:16:00 AM

Tucker Hibbert will soon fly to Finland, photo by Hanson

Tucker's sled is sailinig towards Finland for the upcoming FIM World Championships. And after three more ISOC Nationals, Tucker himself will close the season in Finland.

Click to read the official Tucker Hibbert press release.




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Snow Depth Feb. 22, 2011

2/22/2011 8:20:00 AM

Snow Depth 2.22.11

Yes, weather is local. And painful winter thaws can be followed by monstrous blizzards.

Click HERE for more detailed snow pack info from NOHRSC.





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Feb. 20 Blizzard Brought to You By...

2/21/2011 11:22:00 AM

After last week's gut-wrenching thaw that left snowmobilers in a puddle of angst, Mother Nature rebounded with a 14-in. snowfall where I live in South-Central Minnesota.

This storm was brought to you by...

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Arctic Cat's 2012 Teaser Video

2/20/2011 1:03:00 PM

Arctic Cat teaser video

Arctic Cat released THIS "teaser" video about their 2012 model line.

(You gotta click on the link because it's not hosted on YouTube).

And is it just me, or are they taking a pot-shot at this site and the people who have captured some pix?



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Random Photos, February Edition

2/17/2011 9:37:00 PM

Arctic Cat Babe

It's that time of the month. I've got a mess of random pix that I think are interesting, many of which have a certain "dated" quality to them.

Click to see them.









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Arctic Cat's Tribute to Edgar

2/16/2011 2:50:00 PM

Edgar Hetteen, founder of Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat created this news release tribute to Edgar Hetteen.

Click to read it.









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Mid-Season Momentum Continues for Team Arctic

2/15/2011 9:13:00 AM

D.J. Ekre kept Arctic Cat on top of USCC

Team Arctic enjoyed another big-win weekend in USCC and ISOC.

Click to read the official press release.






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Rest In Peace, Edgar Hetteen

2/13/2011 7:37:00 PM

Edgar Hetteen, founder of Arctic Cat

Edgar Hetteen, co-founder of Polaris and founder of Arctic Cat, passed away on Saturday, Feb. 12. He was 90 years old.

Words can barely contain impact that Edgar made on the sport of snowmobiling.

He is gone, but he will never be forgotten.

UPDATED with funeral information.



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Feb. '11 Trip to Arctic Cat

2/13/2011 4:20:00 PM

Arctic Cat in February

I made a quick trip to Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls last week.

Click to see some pix, including a 2012 Arctic Cat!




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Brad Helwig's Ultra-Skinny Firecat

2/11/2011 11:05:00 AM

Brad Helwig's custom "extra-skinny" Arctic Cat Firecat

Check out this sweet custom "extra-skinny" Arctic Cat Firecat, built by Irondogger Brad Helwig.

Special thanks to Micah Huss for sending the photos and info!

Click to see 'em.





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Letter (Never Sent) to Pat Mach

2/10/2011 10:43:00 AM

Pat Mach

Here's a letter I wish I would have sent to Pat Mach before he died in a snowmobile accident last week.








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32-Win Weekend for Team Arctic

2/7/2011 6:55:00 PM

Cody Thomsen, Arctic Cat Factory, won again. Photo by Wayne Davis

32 Wins in one weekend...nice job Team Arctic racers and crew!

Click to read the Arctic Cat press release.








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Pat Mach Passes Away

2/5/2011 8:02:00 AM

Pat Mach

This is news as painful to write as it is for me to think about:

Pat Mach – husband, father, snowmobiler and President of the USCC cross-country race circuit – died yesterday as the result of a snowmobile accident.

I received the news this morning. What I’ve written above, is all I know at this point.

And before I can begin to fathom what this means on a widespread level, all I can do right now is pray for his wife Lisa and his son Adam.



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Snowmobiling Documentary from Public Television

2/4/2011 7:14:00 AM

Arctic Cat Model 100

Here's an excellent Public Television documentary about the origins of snowmobiling, with an emphasis on Minnesota, Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo.

Click Here to watch Part 1 (roughly 27 minutes).

Click Here to watch Part 2 (26 minutes).



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Snow Depth Feb. 2, 2011

2/2/2011 10:04:00 AM

Snow Depth 2.2.11

That's one heckuva storm that hit 2,000 miles of North America.

Click to see a larger image, and for the NOHRSC link.





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Discovered: Classic Arctic Cat Films

2/2/2011 9:34:00 AM

Classic Arctic Cat commercials and movies

Check out what I recently uncovered.

Anyone have a projector?

Click to see a couple more pix.







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X Games Bronze for Cory Davis & the CBR Team

2/2/2011 7:01:00 AM

Cory Davis gets Bronze in Speed & Style

The Christian Bros. Racing team had a solid performance at X Games, with Cory Davis nailing a bronze medal in Speed & Style.

Click to read the team's press release.

(All Photos by Wayne Davis)





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Hibbert Wins Sixth X Games Gold

1/31/2011 5:42:00 PM

Hibbert at X Games by John Hanson

That's FIVE Gold Medals in a row (and six total) in 12 years of X Games racing for Tucker Hibbert!


What's the likelihood he'll win six more gold medals?

Click to read the Team Arctic press release.



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